Outdoor Living & Hardscape

ValleyScapes specializes in designing and installing paver patios, pergolas and outdoor kitchens in Topeka & Manhattan KS (and every Kansas property in between).

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KS Outdoor Living with Paver Patio, Outdoor Kitchen

Kansas Outdoor Living at its Best

ks outdoor fireplace on paver patio

A serious outdoor fireplace for serious outdoor entertainment 🙂

outdoor kitchen and fireplace

A gentle wall leading into the outdoor-kitchen area

outdoor kitchen design near manhattan kansas

Bird's View of an Outdoor Kitchen Area

outdoor kitchen design near manhattan topeka ks

Detail of an outdoor kitchen

Outdoor living dining area design near topeka manhattan ks

An outdoor dining area emphasized with a circle of pavestones

detail of bergerac pavers cuts next to pool near manhattan kansas

Detail of Pavers integrating with cement

outdoor kitchen patio design near topeka ks

View of the elegant look of Bergerac pavers interlocking

outdoor living in kansas

Full Paver-Patio View

For the following hardscape project in Topeka, Kansas, ValleyScapes used Holland pavers in two colors. Holland pavers come in several other colors and are know for the simplistic beauty, as well as economy on the wallet. The pergola, with ornate edges and adequate spacing, was custom constructed to the needs and desires of the landscaping client in Topeka, KS.

Sidewalk made with contrasting colors of holland pavers

Custom-designed pergola constructed with pressure-treated lumber

Pergola detail

Pergola creating an extraordinary atmosphere

Steps constructed from holland pavers

Pergola creating a natural doorway

A bug's-eye view

A view of the whole pergola, paver patio and house

For the next outdoor living project below, ValleyScapes used Mega-Bergerac pavers, which have a tumbled and ‘antiqued’ appearance. The landscaping client also decided to have ValleyScapes integrate two circles of pavers within the overall design of the paver patio.

Circle design for bergerac pavers

Paver-Patio edge detail

Detail of a larger paver-circle pattern and paver steps

View of the whole bergerac-paver patio with two circle designs

ValleyScapes integrated a custom-paver patio with a house, outdoor kitchen, swimming pool, hot tub and basketball court for the following patio install in Topeka, KS. ValleyScapes used a thick, three-piece Dublin Cobble paver for the hardscape project. Dublin Cobble is a Kansas-landscape customers’ favorite, as it has an irregular but subtle texture. It’s not perfectly smooth, but it’s not as textured as a Bergerac pavestone.

ValleyScapes also installed the river rock for the flowerbed areas, graded the surrounding dirt areas and installed Sod.

View of the columns, pool, hotub and grill

Outdoor kitchen grill with basketball court in the background

Detail of three-piece, larger Dublin Cobble pavers

Detail of patio columns

For the last landscaping project listed here, ValleyScapes constructed several sets of steps, walls with columns, a paver patio and a pergola with ornate designs and clear roofing. The rock of choice, in this case, was the smaller version of three-piece Dublin Cobble for the patio. The rock of choice for the walls was Weston Wall.

Entire view of Patio and Pergola

Detail of a column made from Weston Wall

Detail of the design pattern for Dublin Cobble

Steps for a lifetime

View of the patio from the backdoor

A bug's-eye view

Pergola design detail

Pergola detail

A bird's-eye view

Dublin Cobble patio detail

Let’s meet and begin creating a hardscape or patio installation plan for your property.
Whether you live in Topeka, Manhattan, Lawrence, Junction City or Wamego
(or anywhere in that area of Kansas for that matter),ValleyScapes
is ready to install your next patio and customize it to your vision of what an outdoor, paver patio in Kansas should be.

Thank-you to our most benevolent customers who allowed us to photograph
and display their newly installed patios. The images of these patio
projects are only a small portion of the work we’ve done as landscaping
contractors in Topeka, Manhattan, Wamego, Junction City, Kansas and more.

Please ask us how we can customize your patio installation to fit your needs. No two patios are ever the same!

—Joe (785) 969-9329 -or- ValleyScaping@gmail.com


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