Turf Sod

We’re so efficient & experienced with soil preparation & Sod Installation, that we’re usually in & out of your property within 1 day. 

Topeka Manhattan Sod Installation

Newly Installed Fescue Sod

The ValleyScapes Difference for Turf Sod Installation

1. A complete removal of existing vegetation.

2. A thorough preparation and pulverization of the soil using the latest tilling technology; comprehensive soil preparation ensures effective root-structure growth.

3. ValleyScapes plants seed into the cultivated soil before sod installation, which ensures an exceptionally thick stand of turf sod, as the germinating grass seed will fill in any seems or gaps that develop between sod strips. Also, in the event some of the sod browns up, the seed will germinate through the turf and green it up. The grass seed used is the same as the turf sod.

4. The Turf Sod arrives in bales and is installed by a tractor roller. The weight of a new sod bale is an average of 1,200 pounds; this weight removes any air pockets between the sod and the ground, which enables quicker and more effective root penetration. Also, by using large bales vs. small hand rolls of sod, there are fewer seems and more uniformity in yard coverage.

5. We gladly assist you in watering the sod for the first time, free of charge.

Check out some of the images below of soil cultivation and Sod installation.

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Professional Soil/ Clay cultivation and preparation for Seeding in Manhattan, Kansas

Our fearless-leader Joe, a family man, cultivating the tough-Kansas soil in preparation for seeding

Professional soil cultivation for Seeding in Manhattan Kansas

Detail of fearless-leader Joe’s tiller cultivating the Kansas soil

Fresh Fescue Sod

Instant, lush sod with a rich topsoil root structure

Installed by die-hard, Landscaping Professionals

Kansas Sod by Joes Landscaping

Who occasionally laugh on the job.

Skid loader laying sod roll in Kansas

Preparing for the next bale of Sod to be rolled out (that’s Joe in the skid loader)

Sod Roll

Putting a new bale of Sod on the roller

Freshly Sodded Kansas Yard

Fresh Sod stays fresh with Biblical amounts of water.



ValleyScapes installs lush, fescue Sod in Kansas cities such as Manhattan, Topeka and everything in between. We install only the finest turf-type fescue Sod in North East Kansas that takes root quickly and provides a lasting, thick layer of turf.  The landscapes in Kansas that we’ve beautified with Sod are always adequately prepared for Sod installation by a thorough cultivation of the existing soil before the Sod is rolled out and planted. For friendly and top-notch customer service, let ValleyScapes install your Sod—whether in Manhattan, Topeka, or anything in between.


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  1. Lee Stevens says:

    You guys did an awesome job! I emailed stating I had a landscaping emergency and you guys jumped right on it. Thank you so very, very much. Very professional and super fast… great quality of product! And Patrick did an awesome job with the pipes! Here’s a link to the pics I took: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.2337128074847.2134575.1449220018&l=b03065e230

    thank you again….I’m glad I found you on facebook!

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