Landscape Design

ValleyScapes (servicing the North East Kansas area in cities such as Manhattan, Topeka, Wamego and everything in between) offers two types of landscaping design services: Computer Assisted Drafting (CAD) and Photo-Realistic Imaging.

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CAD Landscape Design

With CAD landscape design, your house is measured out, and we provide you with a landscape ‘blueprint’ as shown above. The landscape design is from a bird’s-eye view and has plant, shrub, tree or flower icons. A legend and pictures for the landscape plants are also included.

Detail of legend and plant images for CAD design

Detail of a front door, sidewalk and driveway in CAD Landscape design

Photo-realistic landscape design is where we take a picture of the area to be landscaped, and then superimpose digital images of landscape elements. Some landscaping clients prefer this method over CAD design, while it’s vice versa for others.

Photo-realistic imaging gives you a good idea of what an area could look like with landscaping. It helps you perceive how the color and spacing combinations of different plants and shrubs will work in a particular environment.

Before Landscape Design

After adding photo-realistic landscape design

Photo-realistic landscape design typically shows plants, flowers, shrubs or trees in a mature stage of growth and in bloom (if applicable). Depending on the shrub or flower, the landscape imaging may depict all flowers in bloom at the same time; whereas the reality might be that one blooms in spring, while the other blooms in fall only. Regardless to this potential downside, photo-realistic imaging still gives the most accurate, overall depiction of what your landscaping could look like.

Before Landscape Design

After Landscape Design

Please contact ValleyScapes today for professional landscape design service. ValleyScapes design fees include the landscape designer’s labor, the print out costs and one free edit to the overall landscape design after it’s completed. CAD landscape designs are usually printed at 24″ x 30,” and photo-realistic landscape designs are printed at 8.5″ x 11.” Whether you’re in Manhattan, KS, Topeka, KS or in between, ValleyScapes is right around the corner.